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If you want to know how to spot a cheat made ​​against you, access the link of
CREATED. Watch the video and see the photos that explain the fraud.
Your gun shoots but does not
kill, know how to identify if your weapon was been deactivated by an admin.
Your cannon - tank,
titangun, gunship, APC, AA - does not cause damage to the enemy, know how to identify if your weapon
was disabled by an admin.

FORUM BF2142     Nosli     2014-08-11

TIP : Dragon and Talon - characteris

These helicopters radically different performance characteristics: they are somewhat similar to J10
and F35 from Battlefield 2. Namely: Dragon rockets for some reason is very hard to get into a
flying claw, but not vice versa. Rockets fired from the Talon is almost always catch up with the
Dragon, so everything is more or less good pilots move on to the Talon. Awareness of differences
does not come immediately, because usually (I, too, so it was) people do not even notice. However,
it should drop its Swiftclaw engine nozzle straight down like rockets begin to fall into it. Also,
if EMPnut Claw, the missile will also be exposed to it. This is the main problem, now let's talk
about something else: speed. At Talon rate higher than that of the Dragon by 30-40 units.
and Arrow missiles. In connection with the new patch to shoot TVshkoy was problematic because
podlagivany, so I recommend to install the program, created antonn'om and cleaning logs. As for
the gun: a gun at the Dragon is more powerful, from her almost do not have to aim, fire and forget.
At the Talon more accurate cannon, the radius of damage is lower and the projectile is flying a
little faster than the Dragon.
Training. The helicopter must necessarily be an engineer and
gunner - tech support. This is mainly true for the EU, whose point of capture can be vertical (as,
for example, Suez), ie in the event of loss of site can you renovate and Ammo Werth in the field.
Before the flight the helicopter should throw a radar engineer and tech support. In the melee with
ver radar engineer will help you in finding zanykavsheysya Corps - sapportovsky.
Destroy Claw is problematic even with the same Talon. In single-handedly destroy a good driver is
very difficult. However, if the helicopter is sitting on your hands, it can provide you with
substantial help in destroying the enemy Wert his cannon. For the use of TV missiles against
helicopters as manage the missile more difficult than in BF2, then knock it vert almost unreal.
(Editor's note. - Since, as this guide was written, much has changed, and now many people are able
to shoot down TVshkami ganshipy) is present here exact same zonal system, as in BF2: shoot better
under the tail of the helicopter by one-third meter below the tail . Another very effective getting
to the bottom. Otherwise, the missile can fly through the helicopter (it is important for
transports). Shooting at flying a helicopter, you have to make pre-emption.
Now a little about
this strange thing as a shield: it has one very unpleasant feature - it can break. And pierce the
shield Dragon is much easier than the Talon. But! I saw these peppers, which are to shoot through
my shield dragon all ten missiles in a row! So be alert.
Melee. Joining the melee (especially
true for Dragon) is at all times to keep the enemy from above so that your hands could shoot at the
enemy's vert, and arrows to shoot the enemy could not. Usually in a battle with Claw is a great
role to play Dragon's arrow. Also, during the battle with the Dragon can not stand still, because
if your engines are lowered, and the probability to be hit by missiles Dragon is 100%. On the
Dragon makes no difference how to stand, rockets fall into it wherever and however you want. One
has only to stay on top.
Ranged. During ranged be non-stop spot an enemy helicopter. In fact, a
good Gunner should do it always. However, the pilot should not be too rasslyablyatsya.
missile. The missile hit the first "kills" the robot, that is, it fills up on its side and
burned. The robot in the moment of impact is 15 HP. In the tank, too. And the APC. When injected
into the rocket ignites this technique it. So, having got into the car you automatically give
Gunner (a) has a fragment, as or the victim is inside and die or get out and be vykoshena gun.
Machine and Hachimoto explode with one rocket. Do not be squeamish juzat TV missile on the
Rorschach and the infantry, because it kills them with one hit. One can blame TVeshkoy of 3 people
or more (this is just my record).
Transplantation. Transplantation in the air "a la BF2" does
not work here. Usually the fall Wert equal to the time of flight TVeshki to the target. That's
it. I know it sounds strange, but ... this is so. (Editor's note. - Again outdated and
incorrect. Transplant now used by private feint, even banned on some servers)
General advice.

1) The machine gun only machine and Kotz Hachimoto. (Ext. ed. - And even Rorschach)
Machineguns can fill up the guy in the Rorschach over the net between you.
3) Always use a switch
4) Look for the Rorschach and svezheotrespivshimisya vertically on the radar. If someone
is sitting in the Rorschach, its icon will not appear on the radar. Similarly, with the vertical.

5) Playing for the PAC is always to capture the enemy's claw, and then the very vertploschadku.
This will give your team an overwhelming advantage in air.
6) It is necessary to remember about a
pretty big splash gun shooter.
7) Do not hang for long periods in order to give his arrow to
shoot - this is a sure way to get a charge out of piluma in the side.
8) The helicopter combat
using all the pieces "aerobatics" what you know. For example: mertavaya loop, half dead loop,
loop Yurgenda, a reversal of releasing traction, and so.
9) During the fight you can yell "ouch
menides backup" and the enemy pospotit vert, as a good pilot when he heard about the vert must fly
to him, because for him it is number one goal.
10) Do not hear the buzzer immediately pilikane
include shield. Wait a bit, because the beeping can mean that you only aim, but do not shoot.

11) From the SAAW missiles need to hide behind cover such as mountains, buildings, etc.
Destruction of enemy Werth - your first priority. So after the spawn should immediately seek vert
enemy. But do not join with him in open confrontation, circled over, attack from behind, thus
seriously increasing their chances of winning.
13) Do not shoot the gun Gunner simply this: Shoot
- a signal to the pilot that the number of infantry.
14) TV missile can juzat for exploration.

15) The pilot light is the view direction arrow. And the arrow at the start TVshki is an indicator
of its fuel.
16) Even if the APCs can cause serious damage to you, fear him, because he may have
turned off and then crash that kills you, not him.
17) Try not to crash into anything, because
it almost always destroys your helicopter.
18) Plant to a shooter. If you do not like it (his
skill), not orite "jump" in the open field. Bring it to the rear of the enemy and shout "jump"
- and you are well and the team "+".
19) Clamping the left Ctrl, you can look around in the
20) Sometimes the cabin's Claw can be broken, and the pilot \ arrows can be killed.
It is possible Vertov with machine guns, rocket launcher physician, grenades, armored personnel
21) Sniper rifle Zeller doesn't shoots through the cabin. None of infantry weapons
(except for the discontinuous \ explosive) does not damage the Vertu, but your shots will draw the
22) On the packaging often look in the direction of view of the pilot.
23) NURami
pilot, with the presence of skill, it is relatively easy to make infantry. At the foot soldier
needed a NUR in the carcass.
24) Machine guns and armored cars do not cause you damage, but
machineguns tank and Walker (both he and the other) it is applied.
25) Crashed into the enemy's
top vert, you kill him (well, and myself too), but if the bottom - it will kill you. If the
forehead-to-forehead, then you will cover each other. I was referring to frags.
26) The
statistics are not recorded how many times you died in a twirl, and how many times he killed you
(ver enemy).
27) Vertical explodes from 7-8 Nurov, just caught in it. The machine - from the
four tanks \ BTR - from ten. Walker - from twenty. Rorschach - from 5-8.
28) Flying on a
dragon, try to fly close to another Dragon: this you will ensure yourself an advantage in battle
with a lone Talon.
From NoVgames website

FORUM BF2142     Nosli     2014-02-15

TIP : Start playing quickly

Comece a jogar rapidamente
FORUM BF2142     Nosli     2014-02-15


Don't spam people; you don't swear too much if you
know someone can read/hear you swearing who does not like.
Não spam as pessoas, não fale mal se
você souber que alguém possa ler /ouvir você falando o que ele não gosta.

Always be
Seja sempre paciente.

Help new players (these are not noobs, they are newbies - noobs
don't want to play the game, newbies don't know how to play the game).
Ajude os novos jogadores
(estes não são noobs, eles são novatos-noobs não querem jogar, novatos não sabem como

Don't go spam the server, or start giving away vehicles etc., which ruins the game for
other people. If you want to noob around somewhere with other clan members, get in the
training-server, but NOT on the public server!
Não faça spam no servidor,ou comece a oferecer
veículos etc, o que estraga o jogo para outras pessoas. Se você quiser um noob em algum lugar com
outros membros do clã, faça no servidor de treinamento, mas não no servidor público!

follow the rules of the public server.
Siga sempre as regras do servidor público.
Note: these
rules have been collected on a server which I cannot remember.


FORUM BF2142     Nosli     2014-02-14


1. At any time of the game, you can reconfigure your gear set, which will change after next
2. When you play in the unit, you can see the Field Upgrade Bar, on which the written
stage of your squad before upgrading.
3. Field Upgrade, open temporarily. Esc is to exit from
the server.
4. "Squad Leader Unlocks" can open any player, but can only use their squad leader
of sufficient size.
5. "Player ability unlocks" can be opened like any weapon or equipment.
The difference is that once opened, you can use them regardless of the current kit.
6. About the
armor ... heavy and light, heavy, accordingly, reduces the rate of movement.
7. When you
increase in rank at the time of the round, you will be able to choose a new unlock immediately after
the round is not going to do in the menu, and select it from the following BFHQ.
8. Do not forget
to check out a training film on the Titans. This film contains tactical information on the main
interface, the basic rules of the regime, and also talks about how to better and faster to destroy
the enemy Titan.
9. At any time during the game, you can get to the options simply by pressing
esc, pressing it again, you return to the battlefield.
10. Pursuit of rewards in the formsymbols,
badges, ribbons will help you to promote to the rank of.
16. You can join a server that is your
friend (buddy), clicking on any appropriate command from the context menu.
18. Some of the
unlocks - permanent (permanent) improvement for a whale or a soldier
19. "Gruber 5 Scope
Stabilizer" helps to cope with the impact of your rifles when you play a sniper.
20. «A12
Enforcer» stationary guns have a certain coverage area. They can be very effectively used in the
defense of passes and territories.
21. Commanders and squad leader may issue orders via the
context menu (by default on the "T"). To do this, simply specify the desired direction and to
22. Look out for drones as an easy way to keep track of Squad Leaders. Make sure that you
will see them sooner than they have.
23. Stationary guns can be destroyed by fire. Or why not
cut them a good throw EMP grenades?
24. The enemy Titan gave your team a hard time? Do not
forget that outside of the Titan weapon systems may be destroyed.
25. EMP - an effective way to
temporarily disable the technics. EMP-ming will do the job faster than the EMP-grenade. Secretive
people are seen for the theft of vehicles in such a way.
26. snipershot it in the head, will
always have greater success than the sniper, which makes a simple shot to the body.
27. If you
run out of ammo, retreat may be the only way, so stay tuned to the band in the endurance required of
the situation was not the empty.
29. Any killing of executing the order Squad Leader on defense /
attack, give additional bonus points.
30. If you see "2" next to the player, it means that he
- a veteran of the game Battlfild-2. So try to pass them by, or with increased caution.
Guessing that a weapon Voss L-AR? Section BFHQ or screen equipment you can find detailed
information on weapons and unlock.
32. You can have up to 4 soldiers on an EA account. If you
want to create the 5th, you will need to first delete an existing soldiers.
33. Field upgrades
(Field Upgrades) awarded only to soldiers in a squad made up. This is one of the reasons why it
advantageous to be in a squad and get more experience.
34. Netbat system allows participants to
share information about the squad of enemy activity with each other.
35. spawn-beacon (here is
English. humor) mix with scrambled egg (like bacon) for a nutritious breakfast has just appeared
squad members (the point is that after installing this unit, squad leader, team members may appear
to parachute directly to this point).
36. Point to spawn squad leader (unlock) allows mimbar
spawn in tactical locations. But the soldiers will be discharged into the landing capsule, which is
not the most inconspicuous way to spawn.
37. Commander should be careful to stop on Titan
missile silos (rocket can strike in your Titan, although aimed at the enemy).
38. Squad Leaders
will earn ranks faster if they have to give habit tactically competent orders. The same applies to
the commanders. (What are they??).
39. Repeat on the 29th. (Essentially).
40. Points are
determined by the commanding points of each team member, if the commander leads team to victory,
then at the end of the round receives a bonus.
41. Do not forget to configure your whale; the
latter configuration is saved
42. Apc's have seats equipped with catapults, which is an
excellent opportunity to get on board the Titan.
43. If you experience nausea (feeling sick), set
Camera Shake OFF in the on.
44. Each kit has two separate unlock branches, each of which leads
to a new weapon. Take a wide selection to get just by a few, or follow one branch to quickly get a
new primary weapon.
45. Your skill in battle in the promptness with the ability to work together
with team members and reward will help in gaining experience and advancing in rank
46. Do not
forget that you can pick up weapons of fallen soldiers. Their equipment may have unlocked, which
you do not, and is a great way to try.
47. Field Upgrades (Field Upgrades) - a great way to try
out unlocks before opening them on a regular basis.
48. The members of the squad will benefit
from the execution of orders, squad leader. Each murder in the course of execution of the order to
attack / defense brings your squad on a step closer to a Field Upgrade (Field Upgrade).
Treatment, resurrection, and reload the members of your squad, and repair of equipment will give you
points and also zoom in your squad to receive Field Upgrade.
50. When played coop mode, any time
you can join one of his comrades, and the bot, which occupies the slot will be removed from the
51. During the game in single player mode or online you will be able to use all of your
unlocked unlocks if you are connected to the internet.
52. Active Protection works on most types
of equipment to prevent the causing of damage to any type of weapon, but you need to use it very
sparingly and wisely as it operates only a few seconds, then it requires a considerable amount of
time to recharge.
53. Rapid acceleration of the attacking techniques are available - use it in
those nasty situations where only speed can save you.
54. Value of the whole armor of vehicles
varies depending on the zone, such as most vehicles have thinner rear armor than the front, try to
have it in mind when we confront Technology the enemy.
55. Some types of equipment are unique to
them the weak points in armor and are vulnerable to many types of weapons.
56. Using a catapult
from the APC, you can control your flight movement keys.
57. Accuracy of the weapon depends on
your posture, movement and zoom settings. Practice with all the weapons in order to understand
their strengths \ weaknesses.
58. Not all weapons were created equal, each weapon is designed to
better use in certain situations, practice, to identify weak \ the strengths of each weapon.
Infantry can equip light armor, which allows you to run more, and stamina will be restored faster,
but decreases the level of protection.
60. The visual distortion and electric sounds may indicate
Recon, using the "IT-33 Active Camouflage" in close proximity to you. Use the EMP-grenade to
detect it.
61. Networked Battlefield - the best friend of your squad. Look at the enemy unit and
the information will be transferred to your entire squad (note that often the red roundels, is
defined even for the walls, if the enemy can see the other players.
62. When you are in the
squad, keep an eye on the data on your Networked Battlefield dimensional HUD. These icons indicate
that one of your squad spotted and attacked the enemy and you can get to a point of support.
Different types of infantry provide different functions in NB. Each type has its own
specialization. Practice in order to achieve maximum system efficiency.
64. NB icon means that
somewhere a member of your squad came into contact with the enemy. But this does not mean that the
enemy is within your sight.
65. When using the «Scope Stabilizer», be sure to use "SHIFT"
(the default) to use it effectively.
66. You can set the distance at which the rocket explodes
rifle (rifle rocket). When the zoom mode scroll the wheel mouse to set the distance of the
explosion.When the shot is made, the rocket will explode automatically at the set distance. Ranging
67. Smoke grenades are very effective assault - they provide excellent protection in
built-up neighborhoods, and are especially useful in operations on Titan.
68. Pds-1 unlock allows
the engineer to fix the location of enemy equipment - install it and it will inform the members of
your squad on the movement of enemy vehicles.
69. AE Defuser unlock allows Engineer defuse enemy
explosives, be careful, because explosive device can only be a lure for you.
70. II-29 Motion
Mine unlock, latest technical achievement, aimed at destroying enemy vehicles. Mina becomes active
when the approaching enemy vehicles and follow up to the detonation.
71. DysTek Pulse Meter -
Intelligence unit, which shows the movement of enemy infantry nearby and shares this information
with members of squad.
72. Emp is used to immobilize enemy vehicles, can also be used as bait.
Although the effect is temporary, but the use is very effective due to the fact that the technique
becomes defenseless.
73. Cannot budge on your technique? On your screen there are different bugs?
(utipusi just do not cry) Congratulations, you've just been awarded... Your actions - either wait
for the effect of the chosen technology.
74. Emp effect on infantry, causing visual noise on the
screen helmet.
75. IPS Shield - a wonderful thing to provide protection when needed. It blocks
the bullets fired from handguns, but the technology is not a barrier.
76. IPS Shield provides
protection from bullets, but a skilled shooter can deactivate it, hitting a remote control.
SLSB unlock squad leader allows you to place respawn, which can parachute team members, but the
enemy can see beacon and destroy.
78. DysTek Pulse Meter can fix the position of enemy respawn
points, lighthouses, use it when there is suspicion that an enemy is installed near Beacon.
RD-4 Otus Unlock squad leader , allows you to activate spy drone, flying side by side and scan the
nearby area, all information is shared among the members of the detachment system netbat.
SD-8 Accipiter unlock squad leader, the drone may have noticed myself and destroy enemy infantry,
drone flies next to the information about the enemy is transmitted to all members of the squad is
very useful to cover the rear detachment.
81. Even if you do not unlock, you can enable \
disable the use of heavy armor on the screen configuration of equipment.
82. 2 slots on the left
of the figure a soldier on the screen configuration of equipment designed to unlock the front-end
related to the system netbat.
83. Make sure you have equipped your necessary unlocks after you
84. Of the in-game box with the glasses, you can invite other players in your list of
friends - for that go to the menu tab and send a request to another player.
85. When you get to
the enemy, there is a little light around the sight to help you. If you do not see it ever, you
might need to change the target (another piece of humor)
86. When you fall, it becomes a glowing
light that indicates the direction from which the threat, so look around to calculate your
87. Spawn on Squad leader going through the landing bay. Be sure to turn around
quickly when landing in case of possible danger. No doubt the enemies you see.
88. Despite what
you say in chat or VoIP, press Alt + F4 at the same time, do not open the game unlocks gygy, know
89. Section with awards BFHQ you can see the requirements to obtain each award, as well
as your progress - how much is left.
90. Do not forget to add to buddy list your friends -
you'll know which of them are online and what server they play.
91. Out of breath? Quickly get
tired? The need for medical care (uhaha, I love this British humor) Get more points and unlock two
abilities, making it possible to run longer and recover faster than endurance.
92. When you
receive a letter (buddy message) during the game, you will be informed through the interface. To
read and respond to a message, you must exit the menu by esc
93. In the Titan game mode, you can
check the time remaining before the missile launch by pressing the 'T' (the default).
94. As
commander of the Titan, you can send the mouse cursor on the screen at the strategic titanium, to
see the route if it is in motion.
95. As commander of the Titan, you can send the mouse cursor on
the screen at strategic silos in order to trace the direction of the missile.
96. Titan under
your command can affect a large area around it. Try and find the best position on the battlefield,
to support its ground forces.
97. As a commander, your job, no more nor less, and the total
victory of the team, so your score is composed exclusively of action commands, you will also receive
a guaranteed bonus if you win.
98. In the Titan armored vehicles and air transport are the spawn
99. As a leader or Commander you can give orders for the NB icon, simply by pointing at
them and pressing the sight of 'T'.
100. Some servers have the rank restriction on the rank
(Rank Restricted). Only players below the 10th rank can accede to such servers. Well, at least
some leveling
101. Only a limited number of players can have three senior officers' ranks in the
same time, and only one player can be the Supreme Commander.
102. Drones are very useful squad
leader, but if they are activated in the wrong place, you can give your position to the enemy.

103. Denoting the enemy's equipment on the map, thus helping you to fix it quickly
104. DysTek
Hi-Scope x4 unlock provides 4 * zoom things sniper rifle.
105. 3D map can be enabled \ disabled
by using the appropriate button, when enabled, you can see the information provided by the system

FORUM BF2142     Nosli     2014-02-14

TIP : Vulnerable points in Walker

FORUM BF2142     Nosli     2014-02-13

TIP : Vulnerable points in Walker

FORUM BF2142     Nosli     2014-02-13

TIP : Vulnerable points in L5

FORUM BF2142     VOLTAREDONDA     2014-02-13

TIP : Vulnerable points in L5

FORUM BF2142     VOLTAREDONDA     2014-02-12